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What is the difference between a Festival and Camping Pass

A Festival Pass is your access to music for Firefly, your camping pass is your pass to camp in the campgrounds. If you plan on attending and camping for the weekend you will need to purchase one of each.

Festival Pass options:
Weekend GA Pass

Weekend VIP Pass

Super VIP Pass

Super Duper VIP Pass

Camping Pass options:
General Tent (limit 6 people).
General RV and Infield RV(limit 8 people).
Glamping Two Person, Premium Glamping, Peak Glamping and Guesthouse Glamping(limit 2 people).
Basic Glamping, Infield Glamping, Infield Gmaping Four Person, and Carefree Camping(limit 4 people).
Group Camping(limit 25 people).

For more information on Wristbands and passes, 
please visit the ticketing page.

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