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How many cars are allowed per campsite? Can I purchase two campsites and only bring one car?

General Tent - one car is allowed in each spot.

Carefree Camping - No cars permitted on the spot, but each campsite will receive one [1] Overnight Parking Pass to park in the separate overnight lot with in and out privileges.

General RV, Infield RV - space for one [1] RV OR one [1] standard size vehicle and pull behind travel trailer OR one standard size vehicle and pop up camper.
Basic Glamping, Infield Glamping, Premium Glamping, Peak Glamping, and Guesthouse Glamping- one car is allowed in each spot.

Group Camping- No cars are permitted on the spot. The group will receive overnight parking for up to six (6) vehicles with in and out privileges.

If your group is bringing more cars than allowed on your campsite, please note you must purchase an Overnight Parking pass for that car and it must be parked in the Overnight Parking lot. Cars in the Overnight Parking lot have in and out privileges.

If you purchase two camping passes but only want one car at your campsite, you are welcome to do so. Simply add both window sticker decals to the lower left corner of the vehicle that will be at your site. Each decal will be scanned at check-in. The window sticker decal is your camping pass.

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