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How do we dispose of trash at our campsite?

Dumpsters will be placed in several locations throughout the campgrounds. We encourage all campers to utilize the waste and recyclable bags that are provided during the check-in process.

If you have useable leftover items (sleeping bags, tents, bed rolls, reusable water bottles, lanterns, clothing, flashlights, clothing, non-perishable foods) that you plan to leave behind, please consider donating them to Firefly Code Purple Project.

Firefly Code Purple Project benefits Code Purple, which provides supplies to the homeless population in Kent County. Code Purple opens shelters when temperatures drop to 32 degrees. Guests are provided with dinner and breakfast–a warm bed, clothes, toiletries, blankets, tents and sleeping bags–and also with resources to help with medical, employment and financial issues.

How to donate your items:

1.  Simply leave your donations at your campsite after departing. Our camping staff will provide a purple card (similar to a door hanger) with a zip tie for festival participants to use for donations. Monday after the event, teams will be divided into sections of the camping area to assess and collect all usable equipment.

2. Drop your items in the Code Purple bins at the entrance and exit of the festival.

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