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How big are campsites?

General Tent Camping spots are approximately 10′x30′. One car is allowed in each spot. Your car must fit within your campsite.

Carefree Camping and Elevated Camping spots are a minimum of 10'x15'.

RV Spots have 25’x40’ of camping space for one (1) RV (no additional cars).

Basic Glamping, Infield Glamping, Peak Glamping, Premium Glamping and Guesthouse Glamping are a minimum of 20'x40' with space for a standard SUV or car.
Super Group Camping is a minimum area of 8'x8' per person. No cars prohibited on these spots.

Group Camping is a 40'x40' tent only camping space. The group will receive overnight parking for up to six (6) vehicles with in and out privileges.

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